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About the Orange Blossom Classic
Founded in 1933 by the son of Florida A&M University’s president, J.R.E. Lee Jr. The Orange Blossom Classic quickly became the postseason’s must-see game. The inaugural Orange Blossom Classic welcomed 2,000 fans to the “blacks-only” ballpark in Jacksonville, Florida, where FAMU beat Howard 9-0 and successfully established the foundation of HBCU classics. From 1933 -1978, the Orange Blossom Classic reigned supreme as the postseason’s premier HBCU classic event. After a 43-year hiatus, The Orange Blossom Classic made its return to Miami Gardens in 2021.

The OBC was re-established to enhance Historically Black Colleges & Universities’ exposure in the enriched community of Miami Gardens. It promises to attract thousands of fans, alumni, school members, and family members from these respected communities, highlighting interest in HBCUs and their roles in educating aspiring professionals and developing our future leaders. With a goal to raise scholarship funds for the participating schools for years to come, the reinvigorated HBCU Football Classic will help to support the knowledge and experience offered by the discipline, commitment, and dedication it takes to be a Historically Black College & University student.